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I greet you in the true spirit of Fraternity.  It is my honor to welcome you to the Florida Federation of Alpha Chapter's (FFAC) Website.  As the 17th District Director of the FFAC our overall goal of “Our Florida District DNA” is to advance “Responsive Strategic Leadership” and “Positive Brotherhood Practices” using key strategies and impactful initiatives in an era of uncertainty and change within the Florida Federation of Alpha Chapters so that Brothers, Chapters, and the District, can reach full maturation in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc and achieve our mission.

Our Alpha genetic and cultural origin has more than readied us for the exceptional task of “Demonstrating Noble Acts of Brotherhood Through Leadership, Service, and Scholarship” that is so needed in our communities and highly valued within our organization.

It is only through brotherly acumen and God’s wisdom can we be prepared to meet the internal and external challenges ahead on behalf of our Great District and within our Dear Fraternity.

We thank you for your interest in the FFAC and hope this website provides an effective roadmap to the services our dear Fraternity can provide to our communities in the State of Florida, Bahamas, and US Virgin Islands.

Bro. Dr. Gregory J. Harris
District Director

p}: 855-906-1950 Ext. 700
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